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注塑模具制造商StackTeck宣布收购矩阵技术专家(Matrix Technology Specialist)

Injection Mold Maker 当升科技、贝特瑞、宁波容百等企业已开始生产ncm811、ncm622和nca等3元材料StackTeck Acquires Matrix Technology Specialist

StackTeckannounces acquisition of Matrix Technology Specialists

Brampton, Ontario, Canada(June 30, 2010)- StackTeck President and CEO Randy Yakimishyn announced today that StackTeck has acquired Matrix Technology Specialists based in Hong Kong. The new company, StackTeck Matrix Systems will have operations in Toronto, Canada, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Matrix, founded in 2007 by a team of industry specialists, has focused并安装好 its business on “forward thinking” integrated solutions that can be customized for each application. The solutions leverage proven technologies optimized into efficient work cells that provide savings through reduced consumption, waste and energy.

Matrix has grown quickly, with an excellent track record for servicing the Asian market and OEM’s throughout the region. StackTeck is a recognized leader in the development and manufacturing锚具疲劳实验机在运转当中1定要注意零部件有无松动的情况 of injection molds with specialized expertise in the areas of Thin Wall, In Mold Labeling, Beverage Closures and Consumer Packaged Goods.

Randy Yakimishyn stated, “We wanted to be able to provide more comprehensive solutions to the global market for injection molding packaging equipment. For StackTeck, Asia represents opportunity and growth. Therefore, in making this acquisition it was key for us to have an experienced, trusted Asian partner to provide access to the technology and the supply chain in order to be the new leader in fast, flexible innovative systems.”

Marcus Sutch, founder of Matrix Technology Specialists stated, “Our Matrix team is excited to join forces with StackTeck after a successful track record of collaboration. During K2010, we will be unveiling our new range of Food Beverage Packaging systems. These systems will demonstrate previously unachievable levels of flexibility with a focus on cost of ownership and energy reductions.”

About StackTeck

Located within a 10 minute drive of Toronto International Airport, StackTeck is a leading source of high productivity tooling solutions for the injection molding industry. StackTeck offers a wide range of injection molds for plastic parts such as closures, medical, thin-wall packaging as well as mold bases. StackTeck has dedicated RD, testing and part sampling facilities, in addition to plastic part design and prototyping capabilities.

StackTeck is a registered Trade name of StackTeck Inc.